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Put the "FUN" back in Fundraising! 

What is Artistic Creations?

Artistic Creations is a school fundraiser that transforms students’ unique artwork into fun, thoughtful gifts and timeless keepsakes for family and friends.

Who is Artistic Creations For?

Artistic Creations is for Elementary School children (grades K-5)

What are the Benefits of Artistic Creations?

• Encourage childhood creativity, imagination and self-expression.

• Preserve lasting memories, and spark joy in family and friends.

• Raise valuable funding and support for your school's art program.

Do you have childhood memories of your artwork hanging on the refrigerator at home? Do you remember what your artwork looked like? Why you created it? How you felt when your parents put it on display?

These precious, early memories are all too often lost, tossed, faded and forgotten…

Artistic Creations provides children with an opportunity to express their unique ideas and imagination, and turn them into something special for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.

At the same time, students, teachers and parents are able to play an active role in raising funds that will support their school’s art education program.

Artistic Creations FAQ's

What does it cost to get started?

There is a per-child participation fee. 

How does the whole process work?

Click Here to Find Out 

Do you supply any materials?

Yes! We'll send Free Art Paper to the school -- PLUS, Artistic Creations posters to get everyone excited!

How does the fundraising work?

Your school will receive a donation based on a percentage (up to 33%) of the total sales received.

What types of products are available?

Artistic Creations has something for everyone, offering a selection of fun and thoughtful gifts, and timeless keepsakes! Click here to browse our products.

Can I make a product suggestion?

Absolutely! Please let us know by email and we’ll look into it.


How long does Artistic Creations take from start to finish?

Artistic Creations requires about 10-12 weeks, from the time art paper arrives at the school to final delivery of ordered items.

When is the best time to participate?

Early Fall:  The best month to start is October; allowing gift orders to be placed and arrive in time for the winter holiday season.

Winter:  Alternatively, starting in January or February will allow orders to arrive in time for spring holidays, like Easter and Mother's Day.

Is there a shipping fee to send the artwork to your office?

No. After all student artwork is collected at the school, we will arrange for pre-paid shipping or a local pick-up.

Is there an order deadline?

Yes. The order deadline is typically two weeks from when order forms are sent home with students. (It will be clearly printed on all order forms.)

Where will orders be delivered to?

Orders are delivered to the school in one shipment. They will arrive grouped by class, so teachers can easily distribute them to students.

How Do I Sign-up my school to participate?
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