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Watch stunning, digital HD recital videos on-demand!

What is EAP TV?

Watch recital videos

anytime, anywhere on your:

TV • Computer • Smart Phone • Tablet

(internet connection is required)

Why switch to EAP TV?

•  Stream videos in Full HD Resolution for an unlimited number of times!


•  Videos are ready to view 2-4 weeks faster than DVDs!

•  Help increase your sales up to 30%  by preventing video copying and sharing.

•  Flat $40 per recital video - $10 less than a DVD!  (price includes tax)

•  Dance schools owners receive
 FREE  EAP TV access!

3 Ways for Customers to Order EAP TV:

1. Pre-sold before the show

2. Sold at the show (by an EAP Sales Rep)

3. Order online at: www.eapphoto.com

How Does EAP TV Compare to DVD's?
EAP TV Logo with drop shadow FINAL TO US

Watch the EAP TV Demo Video


To view the demo, log in with: 

username: demo@eapphoto.com

password: eap


After you login in, click on 'My Videos'

to open the video playlist.