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  1. The school or PTA sets up a date with EAP School Photography

  2. Parents book an appointment for their child on the scheduled photo day using EAP’s online app. Appointments are scheduled 5-7 minutes apart to ensure safety and social distancing. (if remote learning is implemented)

  3. After the child’s photo is taken the parents will be able to view the photo immediately. (if remote learning is implemented)

  4. Parents use EAP’s app to order their photos.

  5. Images are processed and delivered to the student’s home.



                                      SAFETY PROTOCOL

Students and parents will be spaced 6 feet apart when they are on line to take their portrait.

Students hands will be sanitized before and after they take their photo.​

Studio equipment will be sanitized between photo sessions.

How long do photo orders take to be processed and shipped?

Orders will be mailed to the students home 3-4 weeks after picture day.



How do students order their photos and specialty items?

Orders are placed on line.

What forms of payments does EAP accept?

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards (M/C, Visa and Discover)



What is the refund policy on school photos taken in our mobile studio?

Photos that are viewed and approved by the parents on picture day are not refundable unless there is a photographic defect in the processing of the order.


If a parent has  a problem or a question with their order what should they do?

 They should call us at 631-476-0134 or contact us via email at
Our Customer Service Representatives have the most up to date information on their order so they will be able to assist you. 

If I don't see the answer to my question here what should I do?

Call our Customer Service Representatives Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm at 631-476-0134 or use our Contact Us Link

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