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Dance Competition FAQ's

What other photo and video services does EAP provide?

EAP provides Dance Studio Photography and Recital Videography. We also offer Live Event Productions Services including Action Photography, Projection Screens and Lighting Systems.


Are audience members allowed to film and photograph dancers on stage at a competition?

Due to copyright and safety concerns audience members ARE NOT ALLOWED to film or photograph ANY routine. Filming and Photography are allowed during award ceremonies. Audience members who do not abide by these rules will be asked to leave the venue.


Do I receive my Photos and DVD’s at the competition?

Yes we can produce Photo CD’s and Individual Video Routines on DVD's on site. Photos are also available on flash drives. School DVD’s will be shipped to you in approximately 2-3 weeks after the competition. Delivery time frames vary based on seasonal volume.



Do we film and photograph every routine?

 Yes every routine is filmed and photographed. All Photographs and Videos are available for instant viewing at our sales table at the competition.



What payment types does EAP accept?

 We accept, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Checks (for shipped orders)  and Cash at the competition.



Can I purchase all of the routines performed by my dance school on DVD?

 Yes you can. We offer a School DVD Special with a minimum purchase of 10 DVD's. It can be ordered from our home page at a reduced rate ONLY PRIOR to the competition. It can also be ordered at the competition at regular price. Click on "Order a School DVD" from our home page. This video disc contains all the routines that your dance school performed throughout the competition. A minimum of 10 DVD’s per studio must be purchased. Photos of routines are not included on the DVD. Photos are sold separately and are sold per routine.




Can I purchase a DVD with specific routines of my choosing?

 You can purchase a custom DVD with any routines of your choosing. Custom DVD’s start at $35.00. These DVD's can be ordered at the competition or before the competition. Routine DVD's can be made on site at the competition so you can take them home with you after the competition.



Can I purchase Photos and Videos after the competition?

 Photos and Videos can be purchased on our website after the competition. Photos and Videos purchased after the competition are subject to higher prices. All photos can be viewed on our website approximately 3-5 days after the competition ends. Photos remain on our website for 270 days. Videos are available for viewing ONLY at the competition.



I recently purchased an item at a competition that is going to be shipped. Approximately  how long does it take for my item to arrive?

 Photo, Videos and Specialty Items take approximately 2-4 weeks to be shipped. Shipping time frame varies based on seasonal volume.



What type of equipment is used to film the competition?

 We film and photograph every routine in Full HD.



Does EAP offer refunds or exchanges on digital downloads?

Once a digital download has been purchased the sale is final and no refund or exchange is available. 


Does EAP offer refunds or exchanges on any of it' s products and services?

Because all our products are custom manufactured for each customer refunds and exchanges are not available. If you receive a incorrect product or a damaged product we will replace the product for you.

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