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Photography / Videography / Editing / Sales  Apprentice Program


For 35 years, EAP has been capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments. EAP is the leader in dance photography, videography, production, school, and sports photography, capturing moments from the East Coast to the Midwest. From the snap of a picture or recording of a video to final shipment, EAP does it all. EAP prides itself on leveraging state-of-the-art technology and 35 years of expertise to serve all our customers photography and videography needs.

Job Summary

We believe in crafting well-rounded individuals. The Apprentice Program is a 360-degree hands-on employment opportunity to learn all aspects of photography, videography, and production. Apprentices will learn all facets of the industry. This program is an employment opportunity to teach and develop hardworking, passionate, and inquisitive individuals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. As an apprentice, you will increase your skill set and have the opportunity to advance your employment within the company.

Department Opportunities

Department Apprentices will learn and work in include:

  •  Dance Photography

  •  School Photography

  •  Sports Photography

  •  Dance Competition Photography/Videography

  •  Production/Stagehand

  •  Sales

  •  Customer Support

  •  Photo Editing

  •  Video Editing


Qualifications / Skills:

  •  Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task and prioritize

  •  Demonstrate robust verbal and written communication skills

  •  Exhibit self-motivation and desire to take initiative when necessary

  •  Model team player behavior and always conduct oneself professionally

  •  Passion to learn different facets of a fast-paced industry



  •  Must be available to work a minimum of 25 hours a week (M-F), full availability on the weekends, and ability to travel

  •  Must be available on all or most weekends from March to July


Education & Additional Qualifications

  •  College degree and previous applicable experience a plus, but not necessary

  •  Applicants with dance experience are a plus

  •  Must have a valid US driver's license

  •  Must be willing to travel


Department Descriptions:


Dance Photography

  • Participate in setting up & breaking down a photoshoot for bulk dance shoots, such as creating proper lighting and setting up backdrops

  • Learn to pose dancers of all ages and frame and shoot dancers in individual and group poses

  • Assist the project manager in maintaining the job flow while adhering to the schedule

  • Develop leadership skills to run and manage the crew

  • Learn the sales position ( display photos, and assist customers in placing orders)

  • Develop the ability to troubleshoot all equipment, including light packs, cameras, laptops & viewing boxes.

  • Adhere to all safety protocols for running electricity & cables


Dance Competition Photography

  • Learn how to take competition action shots by using proper timing

  • Learn to adapt camera setup to stage lighting

  • Develop the ability to shoot tethered to a laptop and instantly upload bulk images for proofing and viewing


School Photography

  • Participate in setting up & breaking down a photo shoot for school portraits

  • Create proper lighting for headshots & pose students and staff for yearbook portraits

  • Assist the project manager in maintaining the job flow while adhering to the schedule

  • Adhere to all safety protocols for running electricity & cables


Dance Recital & Competition Videography

  • Learn videography for dance recitals

  • Operate JVC video cameras with rear controls adapted for stage lighting, run XLR cables, set up tap mics.

  • Learn to properly frame soloists, duets, trios, and groups in the camera

  • Learn to properly capture and encode individual routines via laptop while shooting

  • Learn how to set up and run live streaming services

  • Learn to use Blackmagic ATEM switchers to switch between video feed, titles, advertisements, announcements, etc

  • Develop the ability to troubleshoot technical difficulties including but not exclusive to camera issues, live streaming issues, etc



  • Build a 30 x 40 stage

  • Lay and Tape Marley Flooring.

  • Develop the ability to set up sound systems and run XLR cables

  • Setup Stage Lighting

  • Learn to use a soundboard to play music while blending and leveling audio.

  • Adhere to safety protocols including proper leveling, proper frame building, safety railings, codes, etc.



  • Develop the ability to run sales station on location

  • Assist customers in viewing pictures and placing orders


Customer Service

  • Assist customers in the office via the office phone and e-mail

  • Resolve customer order issues or know which department to direct them to.

  • Create and maintain accurate order records in our database

  • Assist in additional clerical needs


Photo Editing

  • Photoshop images to meet job criteria

  • Crop images, spot out blemishes/stray hair, wrinkles in backdrop, and extend backdrop

  • Learn techniques to color correct images

  • Adhere to Production Schedule


Video Editing

  • Build projects in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro 7

  • Assist in organizing and backing up footage

  • Create timelines for recitals that include titling, keyframing, color and exposure adjustments, etc.

  • Craft promotional videos for marketing and advertising

EEO Statement

EAP is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sexual and reproductive health choices, national origin, citizenship, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status. In addition to federal law requirements, EAP complies with all applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination.

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